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icon by @ArtifexDemon

twitch artwork

ocuuda (@ocuuda)
3d model
cotton (@cottonwings)
cypress (@catastrothy)
chibi live2d model, retro live2d model
inuamaru (@inuamaru)
banner artwork
cinemachine (@cinemachine_)
character design, gnome child talksprite
awaru (@dreambuns)
animation on start screen
kota (@kotakotonya)
pattern background
juni (@unforseenboy)
offline screen

twitch emote artwork

rottenbrainmatter (@rottenbrainjunk)
Kill, Amused, Plead, MmHaha, Fish, Quan, Fluh, Tier 3 emotes
temunade (@temunade)
Hi, Love, Power, Cheer, RTSD, Sob, bit emotes
samosadude (@samosadude)
Chomp, Rude
tuffqhost (@tuffqhost)
anda (@artifexdemon)
Sizzlin, Dismay
dappio (@dappios)
Wah, Wow, Cute, Smug, Blush
nami (@MammiNyami)
Bonk, Ogey
khadyah (@khadyah3)
fishatar (@fishatar)
Anime (art)
Grape (@TheSingleGrape)
Anime (animation)
joy (joy#0788)
cypress (@catastrothy)
Hapy, Root, Everyday, Burg, Wat, Hehe, Nya,

below is a link to my 18+ art account!let's go over some things first:• by proceeding you prommy to be cool. this art is something i'm quite passionate about so if you're pulling through just to be a dick you should reconsider your choices in life• if it ain't your jam then fuck directly off about it. don't make it my problem. we can all live our best lives in peace• things are not very vanilla there. cowards and weaklings dni• naturally, all characters depicted are consenting adults. i may be a freak but i ain't the bad kind of freak.LINK

here's some criteria to consider before following and/or interacting w/ me:• no minors. i'm too old to have rugrats running around in my domain• this isn't definitive or anything but if you're more than like 5-7 years younger than me chances are i probably think you're annoying. just because you just turned 18 doesn't mean you're suddenly cool and mature enough to hang out in adult spaces. keep that in mind plz• if you try to police others for using labels and get into arguments on the internet over stupid arbitrary words that people choose to use for themselves to better express their personality and identity, you are probably dumb as fuck. chill out a bit. let people live. we're supposed to hate cops, stop trying so hard to be one.that's p much it. no kids and no dumbasses. and especially no dumbass kids